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Image of a hand holding an iPhone with the Social Connect app open
Image of a hand holding an iPhone with the Social Connect app open

Simple and Convenient

Embedded Insurance

With, you can offer embedded insurance on your store in a matter of minutes which will allow your customers to purchase insurance tailored to their needs.

Monitoring Outages

With our solution, eCommerce companies become aware of how much they are losing due to business interruptions from internet outages, so they can take action. We are working not only to track outages but also to insure them.

No Integration,
Just Installation.

Fully monetize your loyal customer base and protect your revenue with our win-win, no integration and no hassle solutions.

Peace of Mind

Insurance is a key new revenue stream for companies like Apple, Amazon or Tesla.

But we know that selling insurance can be a pain, which is why we made an insurance neobroker that's completely seamless and integrated into your eCommerce store. Just add the plugin, select which policies you want your customers to see, and watch them buy! We'll handle all of the heavy lifting for you.
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What do you mean by "Outages" and "Embedded Insurance"?

Terms like "outages" or "downtime" are used to refer to periods of time when cloud services are not working, for different reasons. They are the typical "Ouch Moments" that prevent your customers from buying in your eCommerce.

As for Embedded Insurance, it is the combination of coverage or protection within the purchase of a third-party product or service as part of the customer experience in your eCommerce . Normally in "white label" mode.

How much can these Outages cost my company?

Consulting firms of recognized prestige have carried out studies in which they quantify these losses. View reports of Gartner and ITIC.

Why have we never been offered insurance like this?

The short answer: because it didn't exist.

We are creating a new category of insurance for eCommerce companies.

I am a decision maker of an eCommerce, how can we start?

If you are a decision maker of an eCommerce company with GMV > 2M€ please feel free to go to the Get Insured button or contact us.

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