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On a mission to protect eCommerce businesses against temporary Internet Outages and help them monetize through Embedded Insurance.
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You set the services that you want to protect from your business as well as the protection that you would like to offer your clients in coherence with your business model.

Peace of Mind

When the temporary internet outage occurs, without doing anything, you receive the compensation directly into your account.

We also take care of the protection of your clients.

Take control

Temporary internet outages are becoming more frequent. Don't let the interruption of your business affect your revenue.

Go one step further and take advantage of the opportunity to protect your large customer base while monetizing through insurance.
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What do you mean by "Outages" and "Embedded Insurance"?

Terms like "outages" or "downtime" are used to refer to periods of time when cloud services are not working, for different reasons. They are the typical "Ouch Moments" that prevent your customers from buying in your eCommerce.

As for Embedded Insurance, it is the combination of coverage or protection within the purchase of a third-party product or service as part of the customer experience in your eCommerce . Normally in "white label" mode.

How much can these Outages cost my company?

Consulting firms of recognized prestige have carried out studies in which they quantify these losses. View reports of Gartner and ITIC.

Why have we never been offered insurance like this?

The short answer: because it didn't exist. We are creating a new category of parametric insurance where we simply remove the claims process from the equation.

What do you mean by parametric insurance?

Simplifying, again, it is an innovative type of insurance in which compensation is paid automatically (without the need to fill out forms or contact the insurance company) once a series of pre-established circumstances occur. An increasingly widespread use case for this type of insurance is in travel: my flight is canceled (then) I automatically receive compensation.

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